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BROTHERS OF THE THIRD WHEEL was founded in 1983. It is a non-profit Association for the sole  purpose of uniting trikers  around the world and help provide them with the information they need concerning trikes and trike riding. 
If you are new to the world of Triking, you cannot afford not to be a member.

If you are not new to triking, you will want to be part of this "family" of TRIKERS and start receiving the TRIKER magazine and all other benefits. 

We publish a bi-monthly "TRIKER" magazine, filled with information of importance to our members.   There is a never ending list of trike events and suppliers of trikes and parts for trikes.   There is also a classified section where you can buy or sell your trike and Forums to discover anything related to trikes.
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The following Membership Applications are for those living in North America
for All Others PLEASE CONTACT HQ  by email
"" or Phone 1-520-789-7265.    
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'TRIKER' Publication Schedule
New deadline / Magazine mailing Date Deadline Mailing Date
Jan/Feb Dec 1st Jan 1st
Mar/Apr Feb 1st Mar 1st
May/Jun Apr 1st May 1st
Jul/Aug Jun 1st Jul 1st
Sept/Oct Aug 1st Sept 1st 
Nov/Dec Oct 1st Nov 1st
Dates are approximate, and subject to change without notice


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